General Advice from Previous Sixth Graders:

– If you can, be at school at least ten minutes before the first bell.
– Be respectful, study, and have fun!
– Come to orientation so that you can find your way around the school easily!
– Do not talk to your friends in between classes because it might make you late!
– Figure out where your classes are at the Wildcat Warm Up.
– Use the outside doors to get to your classes.
– In between classes, you have a lot more time than you’d expect. Five minutes doesn’t seem like much, but you have enough time to go from almost anywhere in the school to your locker, and to your next class.
– Keep track of everything and take no chances. If you might even possibly need something for a class, better to be safe than sorry!
– Know where to go and how to navigate through the halls.
– Know your way around the school.
– Make a plan to do for one of the first days, and then if you like it, use it every day.
– Make sure you go to the Wildcat WarmUp with your parents before school starts to make sure you can meet your teachers and find all of your classes, so that you know what to do on your first day.
– Once you know your way around the school, things become a lot easier.
– Plan ahead with your schedule so that your first day will be a breeze.
– Remember to bring your uniform to PE and make sure you do not forget your iPad.
– Take time to find good routes between your classes.
– The first day of school is not difficult.
– Try not to get trampled when the bell rings, don’t get shoved into a locker, and may the odds be ever in your favor! (Editor’s note: No one gets trampled or shoved into lockers in middle school. That only happens in movies.)
– Walk your schedule and plan when you are going to go to your locker during passing periods.
– Walk your schedule at the Wildcat Warmup. Make a plan when you are going to your locker between classes.

Encouraging Advice:

– 6th grade is not as hard as it seems.
– Always smile because it will help you with everything from getting through your worst days to the STAAR test. Don’t waste your days—enjoy them with smiling. 🙂
– Be friendly and be open-minded.
– Be nice to your teachers.
– Don’t worry about being late the first week beause you will eventually learn how to get to class on time.
– Don’t worry about getting lost on your first day becaue you will always have someone to help you find our way.
– Don’t worry about your classes because it will always turn out okay.
– Don’t be worried, middle school isn’t as scary as it may seem.
– Stay calm because once you get used to everything, the year is so much easier!
– Have fun!

Other Miscellaneous Advice:
– Remember your locker code over winter break.
– Don’t lose your iPad over winter break.
– Ask for help when you need it.
– Try to make new friends, have fun, and get good grades. 6th grade is time to learn and make new friends.
– Make good friends.
– Meet as many new friends as you can, and don’t get stressed out.
– Follow your teachers’ rules
– This school is fantastic and the teachers are great.
– Everyone at West Ridge is nice, and you’ll make friends quickly.
– You’ll be overwhelmed by the transition from elementary to middle school, but soon you’ll get used to it.



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