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Lockers: In middle school, you will receive your locker number and combination on skyward, the same place where you’ll get your schedule. The Wildcat Warm Up is a good time to practice opening your locker. You can also decorate the inside of your locker there, or put in a locker shelf. Go to the gym at the Wildcat Warm Up so that you can be issued a gym locker. Gym lockers are smaller than regular lockers, but you will only need to keep your PE uniform in them.

There are two types of regular lockers. The first one has a handle that you pull up on to open. The second one has the black piece at the top that you need to push up and pull out to open.

Opening Your Locker: Don’t get frustrated when trying to open your locker. It takes several tries to get it right. Eventually, opening a locker will be as easy as tying your shoes. If you want more practice opening a locker, purchase a combination lock from HEB, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Target to practice opening. This is an example locker combo: 10-20-30. Follow to steps below to open a locker.

Step 1: Start by clearing your dial. Turn dial three times to the right to clear the lock.

Step 2: While you are still turning to the right, stop at your first number.  10-20-30

Step 3: Now turn to the left, and pass your first number. Then turn to your second number.  Be sure to pass up your first number! This is a step that is frequently skipped! 10-20-30

Step 4: Now go back to the right and stop at your third number. 10-20-30

Step 5: Pull up on the metal handle to open your locker. If you can’t open it, remember, the lockers are old, so  sometimes it takes a few tries to open them. Make sure that you have the right locker number! If your locker is still stuck, go to room 119, and ask Mr. Vickers to unlock your locker for you. He has the key to open any locker in the school.

This happens to everyone at some point, so don’t be embarrassed. If you are continuously having problems with your locker, go to the office and tell the secretary about it. It is possible that you were given the wrong locker code!

There are many signs in the hallways to help you open your locker.

Step 6: Before you close your locker, make sure that your supplies aren’t going to fall out when you open it again. Your locker will be hard to open if your backpack or binders are caught in the inside lock. Then, close your locker and spin your dial. If you don’t spin the dial, the locker can be opened by anyone!

Locker Organization: Locker organization is key for middle school success. Don’t have loose papers stuffed inside your locker. Keep them in binders and folders so they won’t fall out or get lost. If you need to, keep a locker shelf. This will help you keep everything available when you need to grab it. You can also buy a magnetic pencil holder from office supply stores like Office Depot to keep your loose pencils in. The lockers are 1′ wide, 1’1″ deep, and 2’6″ tall. Clean out your locker around every nine weeks. Make sure you don’t have any loose papers or old lunches getting in your way.

This is a locker that was decorated for someone’s birthday. You can decorate your friend’s locker in the morning before school starts.

Opening Your Gym Locker: Opening your gym locker is slightly different from opening your regular locker. On step 4 (when you are turning to the right to your third number), turn past the third number. Once you pass it, the lock starts getting hard to turn. Don’t let go of the knob or you will have to start over! Instead, keep turning to the right, and  pull the knob out towards you. Ask  your coach for help if you cannot open your gym locker.

Gym Locker Organization: Gym lockers aren’t as big as regular locker (they’re only 1′ wide, 1’1″ deep, and 1’2″ tall), but all  you need to put in your gym locker is your PE uniform, and (possibly) an extra pair of running shoes. Remember to bring your PE uniform home in order to wash it.


This is a video showing how to open a gym locker.

This is a video showing how to open a regular locker.

Advice from previous students about lockers:

– Always ask Mr. Vickers if your locker jammed.
– Don’t decorate your locker a LOT because it gets in the way and isn’t very useful.
– Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers where to go or how to open your locker.
– Don’t get stressed about opening lockers, you will get used to it.
– Don’t go to locker between every class.
– Get a locker shelf!
– Memorize or write down your regular and gym locker combos.
– If your locker is jammed, go to the office during lunch.
– Try not to go to your locker after every period.
– Don’t stress about opening your locker. The more antsy you get, the harder it is. After a week, it becomes way easier.
– Organize your locker!
– Practice opening your locker before school starts.
– If are stressed out(ex: you cannot open your locker), never give up and practice until you get it.
– Niether top locker nor bottom locker is better.
– When you need help opening your locker, ask Mr. Vickers.
– You don’t need go to your locker every time between classes, just try to get to the classroom on time!


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