Your First Day

Monday, August 21, is your first day of sixth grade. Don’t get stressed out about your first day. It’s everyone else’s first day too. In fact, most of your teachers will have you fill out “About Me” surveys or go over expectations.

This is your bell schedule (look under the caption “6th grade”).

When you first get to school in the morning, go to the cafeteria. There, you can hang out with your friends.  You also might want to drop your binders and supplies off in your locker before the first bell rings. After the first few days of school, you’ll be allowed to hang out at the tables in or outside the library.

When the first bell rings, go to your locker. Drop off your stuff if you haven’t already, and get your supplies for first period. You are not allowed to bring your backpack to class, so leave it in your locker too. Make sure you bring the right binders to each class! You can label the spines so you don’t mix them up. Then, find your first period class. Passing periods are five minutes long, but tardies are not counted the first week of school. After a few days, five minutes will be plenty of time to find your classes.

All sixth graders have A lunch after 3rd period. Lunch is 30 minutes long, so get in line to buy your lunch as soon as possible, or bring your lunch from home. You can bring supplies for your 4th period class to lunch if you need to, but you’re not allowed to use your iPad during lunchtime.

The Cafeteria

Advice from Previous Sixth Graders about the Cafeteria:
– Don’t buy lunch during the first week of school because everyone knows that the food is better than elementary school, so the lines are really long and you will hardly have any time to eat.
– The food is better than elementary school.
– Get to the lunch line as fast as possible
– The food is good.

After seventh period, go to your locker and get your backpack and all of your binders you need to study with. Remember to bring home your homework. Some people bring home all of their binders every day, so that they never forget anything. If you don’t like to have a heavy backpack, you can keep  homework folder, or just bring home the binders for the subjects you need to study. Remember to bring home your iPad and planner!

After you’ve gotten everything you need from your locker, go to your Wildcat Time class. Wildcat Time is a 20 minute advisory/study hall period at the end of the day when you can get homework done. Don’t waste your wildcat time!


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