Welcome! This is a website for incoming sixth graders at West Ridge Middle School. If you have questions about sixth grade, this is the place for you! Here is basic information about West Ridge Middle School.

Schedules: Two weeks before school starts in August, schedules are released through Skyward. Your skyward account will also tell you your locker number and combination. Check the Student Information tab for that.

Classes: There are seven class periods every day, and a “Wildcat Time” class, which is a time for you to do homework at the end of the day. Wildcat Time is only 20 minutes, but it’s a valuable time to get homework done. When the bell rings, you have five minutes to get to your next class. The tardy bell will ring when the passing period is over. Sometimes, you’ll need to stop at your locker to pick up supplies, but five minutes is plenty of time once you know your way around. For the first week of school, tardies won’t be counted, so use this time to find a good route to each of your classes. Here is your bell schedule. Look under the caption “6th Grade.”

Throughout middle school, you will be required to take math, science, English, and social studies. At the end of fifth grade, you chose which math level to take in sixth grade. You also chose to take English or English Pre-AP, which stands for Pre Advanced Placement. In addition to the core classes, you have to chose to take band, choir, or orchestra.

Band is for students who have no previous training playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. The classes are divided by instrument into flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone and baritone/tuba. Instrument is under the advisement of the band directors. Students will receive training in the basics of tone production, instrumental technique, music reading, personal responsibility and collaboration with other musicians. Beginning Band students will be expected to participate in 3-4 evening performances, school assemblies, and one solo & ensemble opportunity during the school year.

Choir is for students interesting in singing. Students will receive training in basic skills including healthy vocal production, music reading, part singing, personal responsibility and collaboration with other musicians. Choir students will be expected to participate in multiple evening performances and school assemblies during the school year.

Orchestra is for students who have little or no training on traditional string instruments and includes instruction on violin, viola, cello, bass or harp. The campus orchestra teacher will assist in the selection of the specific instrument. Students will receive training in the basics of hand position, tone production, instrumental technique, music reading, personal responsibility and collaboration with other musicians. Orchestra students will be expected to participate in multiple evening performances and school assemblies during the school year. This information was found on the sixth grade course description guide

You also have a “Wheel Elective” period that rotates every 12 weeks. Your schedule will tell you which one you begin with. The three classes  in the wheel elective are art, drama, and keyboarding (AKA computer literacy, where you learn how to type). Your teachers will let you know in advance when your wheel elective changes.

PE: You’ll take a physical education class in sixth grade. Part of your grade for PE is wearing your gym uniform every day, so make sure to purchase one at the Wildcat Warm Up or on the school website. Click here to go to the online school store. You are required to wear your uniform and tennis shoes for PE every day, so remember to bring your tennis shoes to school if you’re not wearing them. Some people like to keep an extra pair of tennis shoes in their gym locker so they don’t have to remember. Before and after gym class, your coach will give you time to change into/out of your gym clothes. Remember to bring your gym uniform home every Friday to wash it!

Dress code: At West Ridge, your shirt sleeves must be two inches (four fingers) in width, and your shorts must go past your fingertips. You are also not allowed to wear hats or shirts that advertise alcohol or smoking. If you are dress-coded by a teacher, you have to change into your PE uniform for the rest of the day. The best way to avoid being dress-coded is to quickly check your outfit before you walk out the door every day.

Organization: In middle school, you have many more classes than you did in elementary school, which can be overwhelming if you’re not organized. Keep a planner or notebook to write your homework in every day. At the beginning of each class, check the board to see if you have homework, and write it down! Also write when your tests and quizzes are, so that you will be able to study for them. There are many types of planners, so find the one that works with your organization style. You can buy a planner at Barnes & Noble, Office Max, Office Depot, Target, Walgreens, and every office supply store. Keep your binder, locker, and workspace at home organized so that you can work and study effectively.

Library: In middle school, you can visit the school library before school or during wildcat time. You can check out books with your student ID, which is your 5-digit number known as your “lunch number” in elementary school. There is no limit to the number of books you can check out, although you must return or renew your books after two weeks. The due date card in your book will remind you of when to turn your book in. Here is the library’s website.

Library Hours:
7:45 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Thursday
7:45 AM – 4:00 PM Friday

New People and Friends: In middle school, you’ll meet many more people than you did in elementary school because in each class, you will have different classmates. Don’t worry if you don’t have many classes with your friends because you’ll make new friends quickly. Your counselors and teachers are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with anything.

Useful Links:

  • This is the main school calendar for West Ridge. School holidays, tests, and extra-curricular activities are listed here.
  • This is the sixth grade testing calendar.  Please note that this calendar may need to be updated.
  • Visit the West Ridge counselor’s website to find more information about transitioning into sixth grade.


  1. Brookie

    This is so amazing! I’m so glad that you did this for incoming sixth graders because it’ll help so much. I wish I had something like this to refer to when we were entering middle school. Great job!!

  2. Giselle miller

    I know this will help I’m looking at it a little late. Wow I’m not very organized, but it’s something one could work on. That’s a great tip. 😉 However do they grade you for organization? Also, how often would you use a binder?

    • Emma

      Normally, staying organized is a small part of your grade for a class. Check your teachers’ websites for their supply lists. Some teachers require you to have a binder, but some don’t.

  3. Sawyer Hansen

    Wow, This website will definitely help with going to 6th grade next year. I’ve been very worried about all the changes in middle school, thanks for making this website.

  4. Sandra Gutierrez

    Wow what an amazing idea! THANK YOU for creating this website, it will not only help your fellow six graders but us as parents when it comes to know how things work for the kids at WRMS. We will be using this website starting now. Great Job!!! Thanks again.

    • Emma

      Sixth grade P.E. is both inside and outside. Sometimes you’ll excersize at the track, and sometimes you’ll excersize in the gym. In the winter, P.E. is only in the gym.

  5. Miss Woods

    I am a teacher at VVE, and I can’t wait to share this website with my students. Thank you so much for creating and sharing such a useful site.

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