Two weeks before school starts, your schedule will be released through Skyward. Check who your teachers are, and then go to their websites and find their supply list. Keep a list of the supplies you need so you know what to buy. Click here to get the general supply list for sixth grade. This is a good place to look if you want to purchase supplies ahead of time, but keep in mind that your teacher’s supply lists may vary. In addition to buying supplies, purchase a planner to keep track of your assignments. Here is a schedule organization sheet to print out that will help you keep track of your supplies.

You can print several copies of your schedule off of Skyward, and write down your locker number and combo several times, so if you accidentally leave one copy in your  locker, you’ll have a backup. Eventually, you won’t even need to glance at your schedule because you will know it so well.

Be sure to have enough pencils and lined paper because you will be using them a lot! Come to class prepared with your supplies. If you might mix up which binder is which, label them on the front and sides. If you have questions about the supplies for a class, ask the teacher at the wildcat warm up.


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