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In middle school, you’ll have more homework than you had in elementary school. You’ll also need to study more for your tests and quizzes. Stay on top of your work by taking a planner to each class and writing down your homework assignments. Dedicate a certain amount of time each day to study for your classes, so you’re not cramming the night before the test. Here is the sixth grade testing calendar.

Establish good study habits in sixth grade, so that you can be sucessful throughout middle school. First, find a quiet workspace in your house where you can concentrate on your homework and keep some basic supplies on hand. Next, find a few study habits that work for you. Here are some suggestions for studying:

  •  Make flash cards or online flash cards and review them every night. Use your iPad as a tool, and download flash card apps to study with.
  • Some teachers post Quizlets on their websites. This is a great study tool because they will have you practice exactly what will be on your test.
  • Read your notes out loud, and really pay attention to what you’re saying.
  • Go over your notes and highlight the most important parts, so that they will jump out at you when you’re studying.
  • Look over your notes or vocabulary words every night right before you go to bed. This has been scientifically proven to help you remember the material better.
  • Draw a picture next to each of your vocabulary words to help you remember the definition.
  • Fill out your test reviews as thoroughly as possible. Writing things down will help you remember them. After that, do any extra practice your teacher has given you, or ask them for some if they haven’t given you any.
  • If you’re having trouble remembering a fact, write it on sticky notes and put them all over your bedroom, bathroom, and in your locker.

This is how previous sixth graders responded to a survey about their study habits:

Most students study from 15-30 minutes every day, which is a good routine to have for your study habits.

Most previous sixth graders needed to study for science much more than they did in elementary.

Latework and Make Up Work:

In middle school, you are in charge of your late work and make up work. If you don’t do an assignment, or forget to turn it in, it’s latework. Most teachers take points off for every day your work is late. Turning work in late is still better than not turning it in at all, which will give you a zero in the grade book. Check your grades in Skyward at least every two weeks. Your missing assignments will show up in red at the top of the screen.

Make up work is different for latework. When you’re sick, or you missed school, you have one day to make up work for every day you were gone. So, if you miss a week, you have a week to catch up. If you’re out, you can check your teachers websites or email them to ask for your work. You can also go to your teachers’ classrooms to pick up work during wildcat time. If you know you’ll be gone, ask for work from your teachers ahead of time. That makes it easier for you to keep up. If you were out at a doctor’s appointment, bring a doctor’s note to school the next day so you don’t get counted absent.

Advice from Previous Sixth Graders on Homework:

– Always do your homework NO MATTER WHAT!
– Be ready to work harder and be more independent. It’s a big change from elementary school to middle school but eventually you will adjust to.
– Believe in yourself. You may think it is hard but I know you can do it!
– Bring your iPad to school every day and come prepared.
– Complete your work in class if you can.
– Do your homework and turn it in on time.
– Don’t get stressed or be scared.
– Don’t kill yourself by studying too hard!
– Don’t procrastinate because you will regret it!
– I survived, and so will you!!!
– Don’t stress because the teachers here are great and they’ll make the transition easier.
– If you have a question, all of the teachers will be happy to help you with whatever you need!
– Don’t turn in your homework late, and don’t do it right before school because will be stressed and rushed.
– Everything will be fine once you figure out your schedule and everything.
– Have a book with you because sometimes your teachers give you time to read in class.
– Have a planner so you remember all your homework.
– Middle school is something you get used to. You’re going to be nervous the first couple days of school, but the teachers and older students are really helpful. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help!
– Getting homework done and studying is the key to keeping your grades up.
– Don’t underestimate (or overestimate) how much work you have to do, or how much studying you have to do.
– If you can’t do something perfect make your best effort and your teachers will help you to do better.
– It is not as hard as you would think.
– It may seem very hard , but if you figure out your strengths and what can you get done during class.
– Middle school is not that hard.
– Keep a schedule and a planner and don’t forget your homework and assignments.
– Keep organized, and make sure you have a good route to get to all your classes on time!
– Make sure to stay on top of things such as projects, homework,   studying for tests, and knowing the right material.
– Make sure you know what to bring to class for your teachers.
– Don’t wait for the last second to do long term projects!
– Pay attention in class!
– Science much harder than in 5th grade.
– Stay cool, and if you find yourself stressed, just take a deep breath.
– Stay organized and keep your locker and binders neat.
– Study more than you did in 5th grade.
– Take things more seriously, stay on task, and do your homework 😛
– Use the app calendar to see assignments and upcoming tests.


  1. Hadley

    Silly question… If your locker is jammed and you need to get your stuff for your next class quickly, would you go to Mr. Vickers first OR not get your stuff and tell your teacher?

    • Emma

      Your teachers will be understanding if your locker is jammed, so either one is fine. You can also ask the front office for help opening your locker.

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